Give a little something for a big moment

We make beautifully homemade sterling silver jewellery designs that you'll love no matter what the occasion.

From start to finish, all our necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and rings are handcrafted from our little home, where we squirrel away and make what's right for you.

You might say we're pretty obsessed with personalisation. That wouldn't be untrue. So much so that almost all our products can be personalised.

From birthdays to weddings, to new homes and christmas celebrations, gifts for him, gifts for her or gifts for 'them', give the gift that's right for you. All boxed up and tied with a bow. 

"Absolutely love my necklace. I wear it every day" - Harriet

A hello from us...

.. to you, the giver of beautiful gifts.

Our one and only aim is to make sure you are the happiest gift giver going. 

We started Meraki in 2018 completely organically.

Never knowing where to go for that special gift for birthdays, weddings, engagements, or just as a little pick-me-up for your best friend, neighbour, husband, wife, sister or whoever, we started making the presents ourselves.

And naturally, we've grown from there.

We're a British brand through and through with all our jewellery being handmade in our little home.

And we love it.

We hope you do too!

Need a gift for your bridesmaids and ushers? Give a Meraki Box.

Working with the bride and groom to create personalised jewellery to give their bridesmaids and ushers is one of our specialities.

They can wear it on the day, but also have a beautifully personalised momento that can be worn in every day life.

Each box can have one or a couple of pieces in - its up to you. 

And the good news is,  our designs make it super easy for you to choose how to personalise them (thats if you want to of course).

"Our bridesmaids felt so special walking down the aisle with their personalised necklaces" - Jo

Our usual turn-around from order to delivery is 10-12 working days for all our designs, however if you require a speedy service, let us know.


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